Changing how we look at education

One of the reasons I started homeschooling was because I was told that my son was too young to start first grade and couldn’t sit still.  He could read but that had nothing to do with his abilities according to “educators”.  We started homeschooling so I could teach to his learning style and focused on a literature based program that focused on reading and writing while still providing other subjects like math, history, and science.  It proved to be exactly what my oldest son needed as he thrived in that environment.  He has since graduated high school and went to a major state university with honors.

I still home school my youngest son who is 16 and a sophomore in high school.  He is involved in Culinary Arts, learning how to prepare elaborate meals in a small convection oven and hot pad as well as taking a couple computer programming classes unavailable in traditional school environments.

When I started graduate school for digital learning and leading, I had no idea all the resources available to educators to provide some of these enriching environments.  What I found so exciting was when I found the video below.  Sir Ken Robinson speaks of changing the education paradigms.  If you are a homeschooler, you will find this video refreshing and encouraging.  Most of us that have been doing this awhile understand that we need to allow our students to learn at their own pace, using their learning styles and adapting teaching materials to best allow for that learning. We are constantly striving to help students have a love of learning and what a better way than through technology.


One thought on “Changing how we look at education

  1. I appreciate your investment in your children’s education. I, too homeschooled my boys for a few years before choosing to put them into a private school – where I now work. No one needs to tell you that your choice of education was that right one because you have proof right in front of you. Maybe your success will help drive the change our nation needs in education.


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