Church and Technology

Yesterday during our Easter Services, my church rolled out a new program: Connected 3D.  Even churches are starting to address that technology exists but how do we have a healthly relationship with that technology whether it’s our phone, tv, computer or anything else that prevents us from having interaction with the outside world?  My church reaffirms that we were created to have relationships with others and at times our incessant need to be “connected” is no substitute for real-world, face-to-face connections and relationships.

So how is my church addressing this issue?  They have developed a three part plan to establish healthly technology habits.

  1. Disconnect to Connect: Choosing specific times and places to consistently disconnect from ALL devices so that you can develop normal, healthy relationships with others.
  2. Deepen Internal Values: Identifying and setting internal values that act as a compass to guide the “family” when navigating technology decisions.
  3. Develop External Boundaries: Establishing the right safety and accountability strategies for everyone in your home.

What a great approach to being socially conscious of technology and equipping parents and students to open the lines of communications to the dangers and pitfalls of technology but also not restricting the use of technology.

I want to look into incorporating this approach into a school based program and guide to technology. Providing opportunities for the students to use technology in their classrooms but also realizing that there are times that are best suited for personal interactions.


One thought on “Church and Technology

  1. Kathy Darling

    I have always thought that the Internet’s capabilities are a gift from God. The disciples were sent out into the world to reach out to everyone. This is another way of making those connections. I’m sure that, if he could have, Jesus would have had a blog page. K Darling


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