Digital Portfolios Project

For the past five weeks, I’ve been working on developing a proposal to bring digital portfolios into our homeschool community.  I’ve read some interesting articles, a very engaging book on disruptive innovations and articles on market and technology trends.  I’ve learned a lot in this process from the development of an implementation outline after receiving feedback from fellow classmates who are working on similar projects to creating a presentation video.

The key component is that I am not done with my learning, developing and reviewing this proposal and I have many ideas that I already want to implement once I have the opportunity. I developed an introduction video that I hope to redevelop and have more student engagement as I continue to develop this project.

I hope to determine which software programs available for the creation of digital portfolios will be the best fit for our curriculum and I also hope to understand and address the key concerns with internet safety.

There are many books, TedTalks and other resources that I hope to read and review so that I may continue to engage in the learning process and develop these ideas further.  I really enjoyed reading the book, Blended: Using Disruptive Innovations to Improve Schools as it showed how the world needs to be constantly changing and evolving and we can be a part of that change.  I have a couple other books and articles I hope to find the time to read fully including Blended Learning Implementation Guide, A Roadmap for Blended Learning at the School Level and Distrupting Class by Clayton Christensen.

I know that I am barely scratching the surface to the potential opportunities available in developing this and other disruptive innovations in the future within my teaching community but I am finding a lot of positive feedback from parents.  My goal is to continue engaging in these new approaches to teaching to help our students have more control over their learning, have more ownership and pride and  develop future goals that will help our students as they become technology literate.