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Hi, I am a home school parent that is learning new innovative ways to bring technology into the classroom.  Finding ways to help a student solve a problem is not only exciting but rewarding when you can assess their learning and challenge them when they are ready to move to the next learning activity.

My goal is to continue to grow and learn as I believe learning is never ending.  Sir Ken Robinson says it best: “Curiosity is the engine of Achievement”.  I don’t plan to stop learning but finding new ways to solve problems and always striving to try new things.

I believe from my 20 years of teaching my sons that each child learns at their own pace, in their own way provides insight into learning and adding technology is just another tool to add to a teachers tool box for more effective learning.  It’s not the end all, but a means to help students build on their knowledge, assess their abilities and grow with them.

I should share that I have a few hobbies that make me a very unique individual.  My youngest plays basketball so I explored photography and have enjoyed taking photos at his various tournaments.  I also LOVE Disney and traveling on cruise ships so I became a travel agent a year ago.  So I think pictures speak louder than words so here are a few pictures that depict who I am.

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