The development of a digital portfolio course will help our students reflect on their current learning, learn to display their accomplishments and in the process develop some technical skills which will help them in their future course work. This course will be a huge disruptive innovation in our homeschool community as technology is not being utilized within a course specifically a course designed to promote creativity and individuality.

There will be some steps that will have to take place before the implementation of the digital portfolio initiative.

  • Determine and define clear attainable goals for the digital portfolio program.
  • Review and evaluate the various digital portfolio creation website and platforms to determine the best site to reach the desired goals.
  • Develop the 32 week lesson plan for the Pearland Homeschool Alliance Co-Op or determine if this program will be done as a semester course after evaluating lesson needs.
  • Determine proper pricing, supply fees and textbooks/material needs for course.
  • Promote program at Teacher Meet & Greets in Spring and Fall as well as homeschool conferences locally. This will be the biggest hurdle, providing enough material in slideshow/video that will justify the need for this course to the homeschool community.
  • Implement program at Pearland Homeschool Alliance and eventually expand the offerings to other homeschool co-ops in our community.

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