Lesson Plan-High School Spanish Using Digital Tools

Sample Spanish 1 Lesson on Ser Vs. Estar using Digital Tools

Ser vs. Estar Review

Grade: 7-12th

Subject: Spanish 1

Overview: Review the different verbs both meaning “to be” in the Spanish language in a couple fun activities and even take a “pre-quiz” assessment. This material has already been taught in the classroom.  This is an activity to provide additional review of a challenging lesson prior to a formative assessment.

Objective: Do some activities to reinforce the lessons from the classroom activities and handouts and prepare for a formative assessment to determine if additional review must be done on this topic.


  1. Go to Quizlet-Spanish 1 Class set: Ser vs. Estar


  1. After completing the assignment follow up with an evaluation of the activity in the google form:


Because our classroom does not have access to technology, this activity will be emailed to the students and parents. I am hoping to get additional feedback from the parents to this activity to determine if we can use additional digital tools for learning and assessment outside of the normal class time.

Digital Tools:

Quizlet, Google Forms


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