Video Presentation

Looking at recent trends, technology is rapidly becoming a valuable resource that we need utilize in the classroom to engage our students in new learning opportunities.

While working on my own learning portfolio, I have developed a sense of pride in the ability to create a nice working blog site with the creative freedom in making it my own.  I have also learned new digital tools in the process and I feel a sense of urgency in continuing to learn new tools and teach the students in my homeschool community these tools and to develop their own learning websites.

This video is a quick introduction that I hope to restructure with the assistance of my students to help create a more dynamic presentation for the promotion of learning porfolios made by students themselves.

For the purpose of developing this video, I used Movavi Video Editor but I hope to allow my students to be creative and to have the freedom to recreate this video using video blogs, photos, screencasts of working blog sites and even adding background music created by the students themselves.  I chose not to add music to this presentation so it wouldn’t detract from the message but I think by allowing my students some freedom to own this project, it will not only be a selling point to homeschool parents because of what the students will be able to accomplish but also to their peers and provide for a deeper learning experience which is ultimately the goal of creating and working on a digital portfolio.