Should Technology be part of Education

Technology is growing, evolving and developing at an intense speed and we need to be literate so we aren’t left behind.  So we should be able to answer the question, should technology be part of education?  From the perspective of a home schooler that wants to provide a protected learning environment, it becomes a larger challenge.

Technology can be a great asset, allowing us to see and do things that we couldn’t have access to before.  From virtual field trips, assessments, games that enhance learning to programs that provide the materials for teaching subjects we aren’t capable of teaching.  As parents and teachers we are always looking for the best programs, curriculum and resources to provide our students the knowledge to be successful in the future.  Unfortunately, many home schooler parents find that technology can be a hinderance to their students social skills, preventing physical interaction with other students and adults. Many home school students only use technology to create papers, research or just to play video games.

I just read a website article that really wasn’t promoting technology in education and yet I feel that we need to move directly head-long in that direction.  Students are going to have to learn how to manage creating e-portfolios, a variety of presentations and group projects.  We would be doing a disservice to them if we don’t show them all these tools and how to use them to make amazing presentations that help them manage the requests of their future professors.

There are so many benefits of using technology in learning and I hope to share some interesting tools and resources through this my eportfolio.  I think the key to moving into a technology filled world is preparing both parents and students to being aware of what is available, possible threats and having a plan of action. Effective use of technology replaces traditional teaching and offers students the freedom to learn at their preferred pace using their learning style and challenges students to grow and want to continue learning which is ultimately the goal of all teachers.




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